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Welcome to the rocket engines of the future.

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Aerospike Technology

Based off of the atmosphere adapting aerospike nozzle, our engines deliver maximum thrust throughout any mission trajectory.

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Single Piece 3D Printing

Utilising the techniques of Direct Metal Laser Sintering allows us to print entire rocket engines in a single component.

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Rapid Software Simulation

Thanks to our incredible Software partner Ansys we are able to deliver world class Computational Fluid Dynamics.

Help Build the Future

Connect Everything Aerospace has just launched its very first merchandise. Proceeds will be put towards the funding of continued development and testing of the world’s most advanced rocket propulsion.

To get onboard follow the link below; every purchase you make will bring us one step closer to changing the face of spaceflight.

Our Ethos

By embracing the concepts of rapid virtual prototyping and constant live development we are able to produce far more nuanced solutions, in much less time.

Our Backing

We are a small but heavily backed Start-Up company operating in central England. By unifying the ethic and drive of a Start-Up with the maturity and experience of a fortune 500 company like Ansys we are able to develop incredible results.

Aside from our partner Ansys we have been enormously supported by our manufacturing partner Velo3D, a highly advanced cutting edge printing firm based out of California.

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Our People

Connect Everything Aerospace is currently an individual effort from the managing director, who also works as chief engineer. However, as a business we are excited to expand a great deal in the future so please get in touch.

Featured Work

Let’s Conquer the Skies Together.

With your ideas or investment, together we can make Project Scarp the most influential rocket engine available today. Contact us for more information or to invest.