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About CEA

Connect Everything Aerospace is a small limited company founded in central England less than a year ago. Our progress in the last six months alone has been immense. Learn all about our history and our future below.

Our Story

A highly driven and ambitious start-up with major, heavyweight backing.

Incorporated on the 22nd of July 2020, CEA began in the large town of Banbury. As a company we were born of one goal, developing the most innovative rocket engines in human history.

It all began with an idea, to bring together the technologies of metal 3D printing and the far superior aerospike nozzle to create a truly optimised engine that would outperform in both thrust-to-weight and manufacturing time any currently existing engine.

Now, over 800 prototypes later and Project Scarp is born. The world’s first truly single piece rocket engine.

This is not, however, just the mere pipedream of a naïve start-up. Connect Everything Aerospace has received legitimate backing.

Not long after becoming incorporated we approached the engineering simulation giant Ansys with our ideas, and after several meetings CEA was placed onto the prestigious start-up program. Offering us incredible access to software to use in development; along side seasoned advice and help from one of the most influential engineering companies on the globe.

Partnering Ansys here in the United Kingdom, EDR Medeso has been of immense help in supporting communication and public outreach during the project’s earliest stages.

Patent Pending

CEA is extremely excited to announce that over the past months we have officially begun the crucial process of applying for a patent to protect our innovative designs for the future of rocket science.

Highly Efficient

Built on the premise of rapid development and ceaseless work we will deliver you the best solution in less time than anyone else. CEA is the epitome of modern, sleek and efficient.

Deeply Committed

We are a team of extremely passionate and space nerdy people who have all dedicated ourselves to the pursuit of a better future of space flight in the UK and abroad.

Well Skilled

Hundreds of hours of CAD and CFD hours in experience as well as qualifications in Physics, Chemistry, Engineering, Mathematics and an Arkwright Scholarship.

Our People

Ewan Craig

Ewan is the founder, managing director and chief engineer at Connect Everything Aerospace. He is a highly passionate individual who takes pride in creating innovative and boundary-pushing solutions in the space flight industry. He is currently studying and intends to take up running the company full time as soon as possible.

Let’s Conquer the Skies Together.

With your ideas or investment, together we can make Project Scarp the most influential rocket engine available today. Contact us for more information or to invest.