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Come to this page to find out the latest goings on at Connect Everything Aerospace.



Following a wonderful Q and A session with members of the Ansys journalism team a Blog post will now also be accompanying the release of the Level Up 2.0 presentation.


We have now officially produced the world’s first single piece rocket engine. 3D printed out of Inconel this aerospike propulsion system will now enter testing.


We are very excited to announce CEA’s involvement in the upcoming Ansys Level Up 2.0 event this Autumn. Our managing director will be hosting a webinar session discussing the future of space flight and rocket science. Follow this link to register for the event.


We are incredibly proud to announce that our managing director’s journey so far has been featured on the start-up page of EDRMedeso’s website. Follow the link to take a look at what they have had to say.


The EDR Medeso Start-Up program webinar is now available to watch online. Follow the link to take a look.


Today marks an immense landmark in the history of CEA’s project Scarp. Our first 3D prints are now in production and will be being used in testing soon. Take a look at the Project Scarp page to find out more about this major step forward.


We are hugely proud to announce the successful running of today’s live webinar. EDR Medeso are currently in the process of editing the recording which will be available to check out here soon.


Our company director has been invited to speak at a webinar of leaders in simulation on behalf of EDR Medeso on the 9th of February. Came back soon to find out more details on how to tune in and hear from the founder of CEA.

Follow this link to sign up and learn a little more about this exciting event.


First successful CFD run completed using Ansys’s Fluent package. A huge milestone on our journey to verifying our ground breaking designs. In the coming weeks we plan to run countless simulations which will be sure to return us vital data.


We are officially underway with our 800th prototype for Project Scarp, we don’t doubt their will be many more on the path to maximum performance. Ansys software now up and running.


Officially apart of the Ansys Start-Up Program. CEA is now a fully fledged member of the Ansys family, receiving over £500,000 worth of software at no cost to us.


Our patent is now filed with the government and legally pending. The first leap taken in securing the future of rocket science for CEA, here begins the new age of propulsion. Project Scarp is set to become the benchmark for optimised engines.


CEA is born! We are now a licenced limited company on the Government’s Company’s House. The future of space flight and rocket engines begins now.

Let’s Conquer the Skies Together.

With your ideas or investment, together we can make Project Scarp the most influential rocket engine available today. Contact us for more information or to invest.