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Maximum Performance

Building the world’s first single piece aerospike rocket engine.

What you see here is a world’s first.

This is a rocket engine in one part. 3D printed to contain injection manifold, regenerative cooling channels, a combustion chamber and an entirely unique aerospike nozzle.

This product as it stands today will be manufacturable in less than six hours, fed by Kerosene and Oxygen it will be capable of producing kilonewtons of thrust, while weighing less than 2KG.

It’s utterly unique design allows it to deliver maximum thrust as it climbs through the atmosphere, self adapting to the changes in ambient pressure to keep optimum exhaust expansion. The genius of the aerospike nozzle, but never before resolved with such effortless simplicity.

This is the future of rocket engines, rapid manufacture and simple implementation.

Our Progress

It is official. Connect Everything Aerospace now stands alone as the only company in the world to ever produce a single piece rocket engine.

This first prototype print marks a beginning of the next stage of project scarp, where we begin to test our designs and fire our rocket engine.

Our Plan for Project Scarp

CEA believes that the UK stands on the cusp of a space renaissance. With public interest and public spending at an all time high, the commercial space flight world is poised to explode as a massive sector of investment.

Connect Everything Aerospace will be the engine of this expansion.

By producing tested, supremely efficient and rapidly implementable rocket engines, we will be the place to go for fresh launch companies looking for engines. We are poised to act as the one stop provider for small lift launch vehicles. Project Scarp is the methodology behind this.

By having pre-prepared, ready to go designs for a rocket engine, we will be able to licence the intellectual property of our engine to companies looking to fit out their launch vehicles. They will pay us to print their own aerospike rocket engines – based off our designs. This simultaneously provides them with the best and most rapid solution to propulsion, whilst saving CEA the cost of printing the engines.

Through Project Scarp, CEA will power the UK into the stars like never before.

Let’s Conquer the Skies Together.

With your ideas or investment, together we can make Project Scarp the most influential rocket engine available today. Contact us for more information or to invest.